Goblinz Testers Club

We are going to release these new titles soon and need alpha-testers. Register to our special program, receive game keys and digital goodies!

We are making the Testers Club! You will be one of the special people that have access in priority to game versions. You will be able to try alpha, beta, maybe even console version before other players. If you register to our list, you will receive Steam Game keys to try the games.

So far we have sent alpha for ALWD, beta for Iris, beta for Legend of Keepers and have more than 200 people joining us.

We will also send you occasionally special digital gifts such as art-books, original soundtracks, wallpapers and other things!

We only ask that you regularly try the games we send you and answer a survey afterwards.

We will need help for those games very soon.

As Far As The Eye

Coming in 2020

As Far As The Eye is a turn-based resource management game. Lead your colony to The Eye, a circus at the center of the world.

Developed by Unexpected Studio & Published by Goblinz Studio