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Chloé Belouin

Game Designer

Chloé is a game designer who attaches particular importance to systems and how they are handled. People who worked with her say she's obsessed with spreadsheets, harmony and coherence. Also, she loves animals... a lot.

Àre Maturana

Game Designer

Fan of rogue-likes and cardgames, Àre enjoys creating entertaining mechanics, trying lots of different games and traveling across the world, gathering inspiration from everywhere.

Calvin Charbit

Game Designer

Calvin is one of our Game Designers working on Sandwalkers, writing documentation in the hope it'll become beautiful features

Erwan Templé


Erwan is our trainee developer, he learns by working with us and makes tools to help the rest of the team.

Nathan Parcaroli-Ruiz

QA Tester

This little goblin is making sure that the games are playable and bug-free, and that you have the best experience possible.

Ulysse Pignard

Gameplay Developer

Ulysse is a skilled game programmer experienced in Unity and Unreal, with a passion for creating immersive gameplay experiences.

Julie Talpin

Video Content Creator

Julie is our Video Content Creator. Creativity has no secret for her!

Guillaume Laudillay

QA tester

Guillaume is our bugs hunter. Like an eagle, he tracks them from the surface and can dive deeper to find the most hidden ones.

Louis Didierjean


Louis is one of our developers. He implements features and systems for our games and makes the magic happen!

Anabelle Herber

Office Manager

Anabelle takes care of the paperwork and spreadsheets, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

Galdric Borrat

Business Developer

Galdric's job is to generate new revenue streams through friendly conversations and networking events indentifying new opportunities and partnerships with other great companies to work with.

Thomas Grégoire

Release Manager

Thomas is our Release Manager. He tries all versions of our developed & published games and handles bug reports.

Félix Moll

Line Designer / Line Producer

Félix is our Line Designer and Line Producer. He works on game mechanics to make sure our players have fun!

Cyndie Cazeaux

Marketing Manager

Cyndie is in charge of marketing. She allows our games to reach new levels!

Mathieu Chauderlot

Art Director

Mathieu is our amazing pixel artist making Legend of Keepers. He's a talented jack of all trades making ingame arts, illustrations, videos and more!

Nicolas Leroy

Pixel artist

Nicolas is making cool pixel art assets & animations on Legend of Keepers.

Léonard Bertos

Narrative Designer

Léonard Bertos is our word guy. He's writing our games while modding some old games on the side.

Jérôme Mathis

Sound Designer & Composer

Jérôme is our beloved Freelance sound designer & composer on Legend of Keepers. He's our audio guy who loves his synths & sound effects.

Alison Derolez


Alison is handling Legend of Keepers production. She's the one overseeing the whole operation and making sure everything gets done in the best conditions possible.

Chris Humbert


Chris is our main game developer on Legend of Keepers. He's the tech guy that makes sure everything is working as smoothly as possible.

Bastien Locoge


Bastien is our essential jack of all trades. He's handling development, integration, localizations and other stuff for Legend of Keepers.

Johann Verbroucht

Founder & Manager

Johann created the studio a few years ago. He handles a lot of complicated stuff like producing the games, the administrative stuff, giving game design directions or business development.