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Goblinz’s best of 2018

Goblinz Studio is a french remote game developer & co-producer (website)

Goblinz team’s best favorite games from 2018

We’re not only making games, we love playing them as well! Note that none of those following games are made by us. Indie game developers play a lot of different games and genres, discover the team’s favorite!

“Hunt Showdown”, favorite of Mathieu, art director.
“The game offers a great atmosphere, with punitive and violent gameplay. A short time to kill, an excellent sound design and the weapons feel awesome! There’s not much to say, it’s all you need to enjoy a good game.”

“Hollow Knight”, favorite of Jérôme, freelance sound designer

“It’s in late 2018 that I discovered Hollow Knight on Switch and it was a revelation! First, the gameplay is very well integrated for the Switch and the game is generous in content. Add a beautiful world worth the best cartoons, a simple but very immersive soundscape and you get a gem!”

“Dragon Ball FighterZ”, favorite of Akrythael, game developer

“My GOTY 2018 would be Dragon Ball FighterZ. There’s everything in this game: nostalgia, nervousness, combos and awesomeness. The gameplay feels just amazing and the care of details is phenomenal. Last but not least, the game is gorgeous and the 2D / 3D shift is impressive. It was a real blast for me to put my hands on this game!”

“Smash Bros Ultimate”, favorite of Christopher, game developer

“As the title says, this is the ultimate Super Smash Bros! Easy to learn but hard to master, the game provides a great gameplay. Graphics are better and feel more polished than previous versions. Super responsive controls, tons of characters, awesome soundtrack… What else does it need to be the game of the year 2018?”

“Red Dead Redemption 2”, favorite of Kilian, multi-skilled game designer

“As a huge fan of the first game, I was expecting a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 (on PS4). The game answered to all my expectations and did even much better. Role play is at is best and it’s a real pleasure just to go for a walk in the massive open world the game provides us.”

“Dicey Dungeons”, favorite of Johann Verbroucht, director, producer & developer

“A fresh style, with a solid game design by Terry C. It’s using the best of slay the spire with an original universe of dices.”

“Slay the Spire”, favorite of Yannick Elahee, Marketer

I’m glad that in 2018 we lived the release of Slay The Spire. It had “barely ok” arts at launch but the gameplay was so quick, balanced and interesting for an early access that it made good sales. I love that this gem of game design really pushed the idea of “make something simple”. Slay The Spire is not the most original game of 2018, but it’s a well crafted masterpiece. Also, they kept pushing very cool updates and engaged with the community.

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