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Sol Cesto is a tactical and frenetic roguelite in which you have to master your luck. Choose a hero and reach the bottom of a random dungeon. In this grim world, every action has consequences…

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Sol Cesto

Available on 2024 - €


In Sol Cesto, your objective is to travel through the floors of a random dungeon, descending ever lower and trying to find the sun lost for years. Each screen contains 4 rooms, which you can go to at any time with a single click. You choose the room, but you don’t choose which location you come across: an enemy that hurts you? A chest full of gold? A secret ? Everything can happen…


  • 5 biomes hiding monsters and traps with unique behaviors
  • 10 characters with different powers, stats and abilities
  • Cursed teeth that modify your chances of encountering certain dangers
  • Numerous objects to get rid of your enemies or turn randomness to your advantage
  • And many more surprises…

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Tambouille, Géraud Zucchini, Chariospirale


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