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Become a villain in this retro-inspired board game. Draft terrain tiles, recruit monsters, build your map, and become the OVERBOSS!

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Available on Q2 2023 - €


You are a Boss. You’ve always been a master of monsters, a builder of dungeons, and a hunter of heroes. For many years, you’ve competed with other Bosses in contests of prowess and villainy. Now it’s time to emerge from the underworld. It’s time to shape a new land and bend it to your will. It’s time to claim your crown as the ultimate OVERBOSS!


  • Build Terrain: Every terrain type is scored differently!
  • Recruit Monsters: Every tile comes with a token. If it’s a monster or Miniboss token, put it on top of an open terrain tile.
  • Conquer the Overworld: as you fill your map, use Portals to move your Monsters and Minibosses. Collect Crystals to multiply your power. At the end of the game, the player with the highest score is crowned OVERBOSS!

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