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Explore the subconscious of your character and defeat their phobia. Learn about their past, build your deck and reach the depths of their mind. Take a dive into the source of fears and doubts itself. Will you resist the Neurodeck?

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Available on March 18th 2021 - 11.99€


You’re about to start up the Neurodeck, the latest amazing product of a new startup in a near future. The Neurodeck lets you explore your subconscious and fight monsters from your inner demons. You will also encounter characters from your past. Be careful though, it is said the Neurodeck can push the user to their limits…


  • Deckbuilding as you progress through the game (Slay The Spire like)
  • Meditate and choose personality traits that alter your gameplay profoundly
  • Explore a subconscious maze, full of cards and improvements that will help you defeat the monsters in your mind
  • Light RPG mechanics that allow you to customize your character stats & skills
  • Characters & places from your past that will tell facts & stories about mental health
  • Deep gameplay mechanics that put focus on replayability and gameplay diversity
  • Horrific monsters inspired by real-life phobias

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Made by TavroxGames. See credits ingame.


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