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Become the hive mind of a robot ant colony in Microtopia! Use pheromone trails to create, automate and optimize supply chains for your ants to follow. Collect resources, produce goods, feed your queen, grow your colony and fly out to expand the species!

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Available on 2024 - €


In Microtopia you’ll manage a colony of robot ants, design a network of transport trails, explore unique environments and expand your settlement.
Your goal? To reproduce! Create young queens that will fly out during the nuptial flight to spread out to distant lands. Starting the cycle anew.


  • Deploy your queen to start a colony.
  • Use trails and buildings to create instructions for your ants.
  • Collect materials, produce goods and feed the queen.
  • Upgrade your workers into different castes.
  • Progress through a tech tree to unlock new features.
  • Expand your colony and fly out to nearby islands.
  • Tackle the challenges of living in a complex, simulated ecosystem.

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Cordyceps Collective


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