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Restore the equilibrium of magic by saving endangered fantasy creatures. Build your shelter to welcome and protect them, explore unique regions, rally neighboring populations to your cause and rehabilitate creatures in their natural environment.

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Fantastic Haven

Available on Q2 2024 - €


In a world where magic is gradually disappearing in favor of technological advances that threaten the balance, you play the role of the Elders, protectors of the continent.
While the inhabitants prefer to hunt the creatures and gradually abandon magic, your mission is to restore the balance by saving the fantasy creatures, while using diplomacy and teaching to convince people to live in harmony with them.


  • Establish a refuge in a new region: Build basic infrastructures to unlock new research and buildings that will enable you to welcome creatures and make your refuge prosper.
  • Explore the surrounding area: Send your mages out to explore the surrounding area and discover points of interest, creatures, populations, and collect the five types of ether available, which constitute the game’s creation resources and currency.
  • Welcome fantasy creatures: Use diplomacy to forge strong ties with local populations and restore harmony between creatures, people, resources and magic.
  • Restore magic: Each new creature released helps restore magic and stabilize the balance of the world. Once the magic has been fully restored in a region, your mission is complete.
    However, there are many other areas where your help is needed.

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