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Build your own dungeon and attract heroes from all over the realm! Grow your business by exploiting every facet of your visitors’ dungeon exploration experience. Will you be able to keep your evil dungeon business going?

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Dungeon Tycoon

Available on 2024 - €


In Dungeon Tycoon, you have complete freedom to build and manage your own dungeon. You not only design the layout, but choose the best places for whatever traps you decide to use, which monsters you will hire to face the heroes, and what treasures await those skilled enough to claim victory. Dungeon Tycoon is all about capitalizing on every second of every hero’s adventure in your mighty dungeon.


  • Create and design a devious dungeon to give the heroes from across the land an exciting adventure experience.
  • Summon and upgrade powerful creatures to challenge heroes in their pursuit to find the treasures that lay within the dungeon.
  • Research new stuff to unlock new ways of improving your dungeon.
  • And more!

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Lunheim Studios


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