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Diluvian Winds is a relaxing management game set in a small hamlet at the foot of a lighthouse. Welcome weary travelers and work together to expand your hamlet on land, under the sea, or among the clouds.

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Diluvian Winds

Available on April 25th, 2024 - 17.99€


As the weather becomes more and more extreme, a walrus serving as a lighthouse keeper welcomes travelers looking for a place to rest.
As a keeper, accommodate travelers, and meet their requests to resist natural disasters, while developing the hamlet on land, under water, and in the air.


  • Keep the fire lit to guide travelers.
  • Welcome travelers and help each other.
  • Trade your resources to balance your stocks.
  • Cook by choosing the right ingredients.
  • Explore the surrounding areas.
  • Resist the unpredictable weather.

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Alambik Studio


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