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Day of the Shell is a “one-click, one-turn” tactical rogue-lite. In a shattered and flooded world, travel from island to island with only hope and a revolver, challenging and appeasing the gods.

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Day of the Shell

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Day of the Shell is a fast-paced tactical roguelite, where each turn is played in a single click.

The gods have brought down their wrath on humanity, and only a few remote islands remain. A lonely monster huntress has risen to challenge and appease the gods, traveling through what’s left of the world.


  • One Click, One Turn: Tactical choices are made with a single click.
  • Explore the Islands: Survive against monsters and collect treasures on each island to open its portal.
  • Shape Your Destiny: Combine the powers of the many Warden’s blessings to fight your enemies.
  • Shape Your Destiny: Death is Part of the Adventure: With each death, you return to your home island, where you can permanently upgrade or consider your strategy for the next day.

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Duper Games


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