We are a small indie team from France, working remote with a mix of fixed team and freelancers.

Funded by Johann Verbroucht in 2015, the team is growing and now publishing several indie games, while still developing our own!

The core team is made of Johann (Founder, Developer, Marketer), Christophe (Developer), Chris (Developer), Mathieu (Art Director), Lilian (developer), Yannick (Producer). Our team is spread all across France! We also regularly hire freelancers such as Jérôme, a composer and sound designer who's been working on several games with us!

We work through Slack and Discord, make weekly team-meetings through the internet. There is no "real office"! People are compensated for their workspace at home.

We have a strong ethic and make sure people have the best conditions to work on our games. For instance, the work-hours are very flexible, we only ask for people to be fairly involved and present during day-time hours. It can be hard for some people, but we hope to be great team for flexible people.

Some people in the team are parents, we understand your top-priority in life is taking care of your children.

We had passionate people spending too much time on work. We value good long-term work relationships. We always prioritize sanity and allow time-off when you need some time to rest. Some of our employees are unionized at the STJV.

You can totally ask us anything about the team and work conditions here by email.

We're looking for a Part Time Community Manager, fixed contract 6 month

Around August 2019 to February 2020

Job description

We’re looking for a Community Manager to handle our community, share social media posts and work with our marketing team of 2 people.

As a company, we share responsibilities between team members and like to promote autonomy. We’re all remote and work schedules are very flexible. We released Dungeon Rushers, Robothorium, Sigma Theory and Seeds of Resilience. Several new games are in pre-production. Full team can go from 7 to 12 people depending on the freelances who’re on board with us. You will be directly in communication with our published developers.

During 21 hours every week, you will handle our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit, Steam. You will be a pillar of our communication campaigns on big announcements and game releases. You will also make the monthly or release newsletters.

We work on strategy, tactical, management and RPG Games made with love.

Profiles we’re looking for

Someone empathetic who knows how to communicate online, make good proposals and value teamwork.

  • Knows old and new platforms such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube...
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English
  • Bonus : is fluent in another language
  • Likes and knows how to work remote
  • Likes experimenting, trying new techniques and platforms.
  • Unusual or diverse profiles welcome (POC, Non-Binary, etc.)
  • Likes to move and attend game festivals such as Gamescom, PAX, etc.
  • Loves indie games

Contract type

Remote work, starting between August & September 2019
Pay: Under French Law, Fixed Term Contract (CDD), between 1250 et 1350€ before taxes (brut) per month for 21 hours a week.


Send us

  • Online portfolio, past experience
  • Resume
To : [email protected] with title “Job Community Manager”